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We are very happy to offer you this great deal for Alpine ibex in Austria, usually this specie with a couple hunting days cost around $33,000 but we were able to get a very few licenses for 2024 at a very interesting price!

The area is in the beautiful Styria region and offers really good trophy quality. 

We like to hunt old species in this area which to give the young billies a chance to get old and grow big. So minimum trophy size they would like to harvest starts from 80 centimeters which is a very nice trophy for this specie of ibex. But 80% of all the trophies they collect in the 85-90 centimeter range. 

It is a 4 day organistaion with 2 days of hunting. This is enough time to collect a nice ibex under normal conditions. The destination airport is Vienna. Hunting area is 2,5 hour away from the airport and can easily be reached on a highway. Hunters are accommodated in a nice local hotel. 

Alpine chamois can also be added. This also means 2 more days for cthe whole itinerary. There are also red deer, European mouflon, roe deer and wildboar. Fallow deer can also be hunted by traveling about 3-4 hourswhich can give a good opportunity to see the other parts of the country. 

October and November are the best times as December is chancy with weather conditions although doable.

It is a great destination to travel with the family!!


4 days / 2 day hunt

Trophy of 80-84.9 centimeters (31.49-33.42”) $24,500

Trophy of 85-89.9 centimeters (33.43-35.40”) $26,500

Trophy of 90-94.9 centimeters (35.41-37.36”) $30,000

These prices includes: transport from airport, hunting organization, one trophy fee, hunting license, area fees, full board accommodation, interpreter and a local guide

These prices excludes: flights to Vienna, taxidermy, shipping of trophies, hotels and meals before or after the hunt, insurance and extra animas.