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Marco Polo Hunting – A Sheep Hunter’s Dream

A wise person once said “Never put off to tomorrow, what you should do today”…       That holds true in hunting as well! Being the oldest hunt consulting company in the world (since 1952), Safari Outfitters has witnessed many changes in the hunting world. If you have a hunting adventure in mind, contact […]


For those of you who would love to hunt in South Africa but may be leaning more towards a free-range hunt, Safari Outfitters has just what you are looking for. Our own CEO & President of Safari Outfitters Deron Millman, recently hunted with this exceptionally fine operation in the Eastern Cape and we would like […]

May African Hunt Specials

CAMEROON SAVANNAH & FOREST SAFARIS! Book your hunts with Safari Outfitters now before the upcoming price increases. Over the past few years, our superb operator in Cameroon has managed to maintain their safari prices while only increasing them a small amount or not at all.  Now however, it seems that the time has come to make some pricing […]

10-day Buffalo/Plains Game

HUNT:  10-day Buffalo/Plains Game $11,500  (Was $13,000 / 4 available). AREA:  Sengwa HUNT DATES:  To be determined but must be taken in 2018. INCLUSIONS:  Daily rates. EXCLUSIONS:  Buffalo trophy fee $5,000 – 4% VAT on buffalo trophy fee $200  –  4% VAT daily rates $460 – Conservation Levy $20/day/person $200 – Ground transfer $500 each […]


Hunting Opportunities Exciting New Cameroon Forest Hunting Programs! Discounted 2018 Cameroon Bongo & Discounted 2018 Zimbabwe Leopard Let Safari Outfitters arrange your next hunting safari. Perhaps one or all of these countries are found on your bucket list. Cameroon, Benin and Chad are hunted by an outfitter that we have worked with longer than any […]


That’s right….Roan is now available to hunt in Zimbabwe. Only one hunt is currently listed right now. Think about this, wouldn’t it be great to be the hunter who took the first legally hunted Roan in this country? Safari Outfitters and the outfitter are both working at selling this remarkable safari so it could virtually […]


Safari Outfitters represents some truly fine hunting companies in South Africa and for the most part they hunt huge chunks of wild land behind fence however, most offer some free-range hunting as well. The hunting is real hunting, the animals wild and wary and you will not see fence except on entering and leaving those […]

Dagestan Tur – Marco Polo – Blue Sheep

Dagestan Tur Our spring hunts (May/June) are the best available and the area we hunt continues to produce huge Dagestan Tur!! Safari Outfitters has been arranging hunts to this part of the world longer than any  other company in the world! Take advantage of our knowledge and experience!     Fully escorted from arrival in Baku, […]


CAMEROON! Hunt Cameroon for Lord Derby Eland – Bongo – Forest Sitatunga & Dwarf Forest Buffalo with the best outfitter in the country! Safari Outfitters has been working with and representing this superb safari company longer then we have with any other African operation. We know them very well and are proud to state that […]

Dagestan Tur Hunt with Safari Outfitters

I wanted to pass along to you notes on my latest hunting adventure. I teamed up with Safari Outfitters this summer and enjoyed a Dagestan Tur excursion in Azerbaijan. Clark Jeffs coordinated the hunt from June 8th to June 15th and made all of the travel logistics and reservations, gun permits, visas, and needed documentation. […]