Bongo Hunting in CameroonCAMEROON!

Hunt Cameroon for Lord Derby Eland – Bongo – Forest Sitatunga & Dwarf Forest Buffalo with the best outfitter in the country! Safari Outfitters has been working with and representing this superb safari company longer then we have with any other African operation. We know them very well and are proud to state that we’ve had many happy clients over the years complete highly successful and enjoyable safaris with them not only in Cameroon but Benin, CAR, Tanzania and France.

All camps in the Savannah and Forest are very comfortable with electricity, hot & cool running water and daily laundry. In the Savannah area there is AC in the bungalows however currently no wifi. Temperatures in the Forest often cool down at night enough that AC is not needed so much and there is wifi available. Clients enjoy excellent cuisine and fine service. All bungalows are en-suite.


Savannah Region

Lord Derby Eland Safari 12 hunting days – Niwa Area – $42,000 / Observer – $4,000

The Niwa is most certainly one of the best areas for Lord Derby Eland in Cameroon. Niwa is characterized by a huge population of high quality trophy Eland bulls and other game animals including the largest population of Korrigum (Giant Topi) in Africa. Because of the very large Eland population, it is not uncommon to locate and harvest a superb bull in just a few days. Niwa camp which borders the Boubandjida National Park is accessed by a six-hour drive from Garoua.

Lord Derby Eland Safari 12 hunting days – Vina Area – $37,000 / Observer – $4,000

The Vina is a very good hunting area situated 5 hours from Garoua close to the Benoue National Park. The success rate is very high for Lord Derby Eland and other trophy game. You will notice that the price for Vina is less then for Niwa…this is because it does not contain Korrigum and sometimes takes a bit longer to locate the good Eland bulls but as mentioned…the success rate is still very high.

Savannah trophy game available: Lord Derby Eland 4,000 Euros – Korrigum (Niwa only) 3,000 Euros – West African Savannah Buffalo 2,000 Euros – West Roan Antelope 2,000 Euros. Please contact Safari Outfitters for all details, photos, a full list of available game & trophy fees plus any additional expenses required.

Hunting season is January to early May. Current Savannah open dates: 2018 March & April – 2019 January, February & April.


Forest Region

Bongo 13 hunting days – Likini Camp – $38,000 / Observer – $6,000

(Please note the price is lower then with other operators. This is because their area does not require an expensive air charter)

The Likini Camp Area enjoys very high success on superb trophy Bongo. Other game in the area include Forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Forest Elephant, Giant Forest Hog. Elephant and Forest Hog are sometimes hard to get but possible. The outfitter’s Forest concession is located about 200 kilometers Northeast of Yaounde. Likini is accessed by a 6-7 hour drive in a very comfortable vehicle. Drinks and food are of course provided for the scenic trip.

Forest trophy game available: Bongo 3,900 Euros – Western Sitatunga 3,100 Euros – Dwarf Buffalo – 2,800 Euros. Please contact Safari Outfitters for all details, photos, a full list of available game & trophy fees plus any additional expenses required.

Hunting season is May-July for Bongo & Sitatunga. February-July for Dwarf Buffalo. Current Forest open dates: 2018 June & July – 2019 May & June.

Dwarf Forest Buffalo 10 hunting days – Likini Camp – $29,000 / Observer – $6,000

Hunts take place in the Southern Cameroon Rain Forest Northeast of Yaounde. The number of buffalo in their area is excellent and so success rate for good bulls is very high. The rain forest area includes portions of scattered brushy savannah which are burned in February providing fresh grass in March and April for the Dwarf Buffalo. There is the possibility of hunting forest duiker as well. While sometimes difficult to get this time of year, Bongo and Sitatunga can be taken with a Bonus Success fee and trophy fee. Hunting season is March & April. Current openings are 2018 March & April. 2019 March & April.

Transfer by car from Yaounde is 6-7 hours in a very comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.

Although success rate is very high, as an incentive the outfitter is allowing hunts to be booked for 50% of the hunt cost with the balance due after the buffalo is down.

Buffalo trophy fee – 2,800 Euros. Please contact Safari Outfitters for all details, photos, a full list of available game & trophy fees plus any additional expenses required.

Cameroon Savannah & Forest Combination Safari

Lord Derby Eland & Bongo!

Lord Derby Eland & Bongo Combination Safari – 18 hunting days – $68,000 / Observer – $6,000

Cameroon is an amazing country for big game hunters. This outfitter, as specialists in hunting safaris in Central and West Africa are very well acquainted with Cameroon as they have been hunting there for over 20 years. Their Savannah and Forest areas are among some of the best in the country and so the outfitter has decided propose a special program combing both areas with main objective of hunting Lord Derby Eland and Bongo on the same safari. The program is an 18-day hunting safari with 9 days in the Savannah and 9 days in the Forest. The outfitter is sure that in this time period there is an outstanding chance for high success.

Hunters will enjoy the same quotas as do the normal hunts in both areas. In the Savannah area (Niwa) clients will have the opportunity to hunt Lord Derby Eland, Korrigum, Western Roan, Western Savannah Buffalo, etc. In the Forest (Yoko) they will have the opportunity to hunt Bongo, Forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo, Bay Duiker, Blue Duiker, etc.

Hunting period to combine both areas will be April and May. Current openings are 2018 April-May. 2019 April-May.

Savannah game available: Lord Derby Eland 4,000 Euros – Korrigum 3,000 Euros – Western Savannah Buffalo 2,400 Euros – Western Roan 2,400 Euros.

Forest game available: Bongo 3,900 Euros – Forest Sitatunga 3,100 Euros – Dwarf Forest Buffalo 2,800.

Please contact Safari Outfitters for full details – list of game available & trophy fees – photos and any additional expenses required.


Cameroon Savannah & Chad Safari

Special Hunting Program for Collectors

Two-Country Safari for Korrigum – Western Greater Kudu – Red-fronted Gazelle
(Additional Species Available If Desired)

18-day Cameroon/Chad Safari – $65,000 / Observer – $6,000

In Cameroon there are only 12 Korrigum on quota every season….this outfitter has 9 of those 12 in their area so success is very high. Chad currently is the only place where you can hunt Western Greater Kudu and Red-fronted Gazelle. The No. 1 SCI Western Greater Kudu was taken by a Safari Outfitters client hunting with this outfitter.

In the Korrigum area, for those wishing to harvest additional species, there are Western Africa Savannah Buffalo, Western Roan, Western Kob, Sing-Sing Waterbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Harnessed Bushbuck and others. If you wish to hunt Lord Derby Eland this would be possible with a Bonus Fee of $10,000 plus the usual trophy fee. Accommodation is comfortable en-suite bungalows with AC.

In Chad, additional game will be Lelwel Hartebeest, Western Roan, Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck and others. The camp which is about an 8-hour drive in an air conditioned vehicle from N’Djamena. The road to the hunting area is good.

Current available dates: 2018 April – May. 2019 April – May

For full details, itinerary, trophy fees, additional expenses, etc. please contact Safari Outfitters.



Desert Elephant Safari – Reduced Price – $30,000 – US Importable
(Price includes 10 days hunting – Airport pick-up & delivery – VAT on accommodation – Elephant trophy fee)

October or November 2017

Size of Desert Elephant tusks could be expected to be between 30 – 50 pounds. Anything bigger would be a bonus. The hunt will take place in the Loxodonta Africana Conservancy around the Kamanjab area of Northwest Namibia. Accommodations are very comfortable lodge style. Camp can be accessed by ground transfer or air charter.

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