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Plains Game

Botswana (Kalahari) ts $425/day (1×1), $325 (2×1) While most hunting is closed in Botswana a few operations offer plainsgame safaris on private hunting conservancies. This is one of the best if not he best in the country. Located on the Kalahari, they offer superb trophy quality, PH’s and accommodations on a huge conservancy of natural […]

Swamp Hunts

Zambia Kafue Basin $5,000 – 1-day Kafue Lechwe. Price is all-inclusive from Lusaka.   Bangweulu $12,500 – 7-day Charter to Bangweulu and return – $4,500. Dip & Pack – $1,500. Licensing & Permits – $750 Uganda $26,850 – 12-days/10 hunting days $39,100 – 16-days/14 hunting days