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Muskox/Caribou in Nunavut region for 4 days/Apr-Sept. Arrival point is Cambridge Bay $13,950 Caribou (fall) Muskox-barren ground in Nunavut region for 6 days/Mar-Apr. Arrival point is Umingmaktok. $9450 3. Muskox (Spring) in Nanavut 4 day hunt. $8,450

Polar Bear

*Polar Bear  in Nunavut for 10 days. Season is from Feb-May $43,000-$51,000 *Note: Polar Bear currently cannot be imported to the U.S   Some of our bear hunts take place in areas conducive to fishing and/or adding other big games species such as caribou or moose. The above listing is a sample of the many […]


Hunt Wolf in the NWT/Nunavut region for 7 days/Mar-Apr. Arrival point is Cambridge Bay $5900 We have several options on wolf hunting in various regions. Many of our Alaska, Yukon and B.C. outfitters also offer winter wolf hunts. * Trophy fees may apply.