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Cougar (Mountain Lion)

10-day hunt in the British Columbia/Kootenay region. Dec-Feb. Arrival point is Cranbrook. $7,000 6-day hunt in Arizona. Nov-Mar. Arrival point is Phoenix. $6,950

Elk/Deer/Bear combo

8-day hunt in British Columbia/Kootenay in Sept-Oct. Arrival point is Cranbrook / Kalispell. +$1000 trophy fee. $7,200 Some of our elk hunts take place in areas that will allow you to add other big games species. Some are available as combination hunts for up to 3 species for one set price, while others may have […]

Moose – Shiras

$10,500 – 10-days The Shiras moose is found mostly in southwestern British Columbia, Canada around the Kootenay and South Okangan regions and down to the US border. The Shiras moose has the smallest body and antlers of any North American moose. The body color is a rusty yellowish-brown, with a pale brownish saddle.   Many […]

Sheep – Rocky Mtn. Bighorn

Hunt Bighorn Sheep in the Kootenay region of southern B.C. The Kootenay’s are home to a healthy and stable population of Bighorn Sheep. This area is a full curl area. Given the area’s great gene pool and full curl restriction,any ram taken will be an excellent trophy with a real “slammer”ram always a possibility. 1. […]