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Black Bear

Black Bear in the  British Columbia region/Coastal (lodge) 6 days/May-Jun. Arrival point Chetwynd. $3,900 Black Bear in Alaska. 7 days/Apr-Jun. Arrival point is  Sitka. This is a boat based hunt. $6,500 Black Bear in the Sitka region.  Arrival point is Sitka. This is a boat based hunt. $6,500 Black Bear in Alaska. 5 days/August. Arrival point is Anchorage. […]

Brown Bear

1.  10-day Brown Bear hunt in Sitka. Hunt season is Sept. Arrival point is Sitka. This is a boat based hunt. $17,500 2. 10-day Brown Bear in the  Alaska/Peninsula region during May. Arrival point is King Salmon. $21,000  + $1,000 charter 3. 15-day Brown Bear hunt in the Alaska/Peninsula region. Arrival point is Sand Point. $26,500 […]

Grizzly Bear

1. Grizzly Bear Alaska 10 days/May $13,500 Holy Cross 2. Grizzly Bear Alaska 12 days/Oct $12,500 Tok 3. Grizzly Bear Alaska/Unit 20A 12 days/May $13,000 Healy Wolf   Some of our bear hunts take place in areas conducive to fishing and/or adding other big games species such as caribou or moose. The above listing is […]

Moose – Alaska/Yukon

Between Alaska and Canada’s Northwest Territories, the Yukon is a world-class hunting destination for moose, Dall sheep, grizzly bear, wolf and mountain caribou. Our remote outfitting area offers spectacular mountain scenery, fish-filled rivers and lakes, wide, timbered valleys and incredible hunting; the perfect place for serious hunters seeking the adventure of a lifetime! There are […]

Mountain Goat

Mountain goat is often available on a trophy fee on other hunts in British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska. Check with us for details and options. 1. 8 days British Columbia/Coast Mtns. Season is Aug-Oct. Arrival point is  Terrace. Goat t.f. $2,000, Black Bear can also be hunted. $11,900   2.  7 days British Columbia/Purcell Mtns. Season is […]