Hunting in Asia for the famed Argali, Marco Polo, Kamchataka Bighorn, Snow Sheep, Tur of the world, Siberian Brown Bear, Himalyayan Blue Sheep, Urial, Ibex or Markhor, Chamois and Mouflon. Let Safari Outfitters be your trophy hunting guide!

The pioneering effort of Safari Outfitters is legendary. We dominate the hunting in these vast lands not only because we opened sport hunting in most of these countries, but also developed long-term partnerships with the best individuals in each country. Our Moscow office takes the lead in Russia and the former USSR nations and account for our nearly 100% success and satisfaction rate.

We’ve had long-standing relationships in other Asian nations and have surrounded ourselves with greatness. How can we fail? The world is getting smaller, competition keener, but it is still made up of personalities and we haven’t lost our personal touch. You are NOT a number with us – allow us to introduce you to the warmth and spectacular hunting opportunities in Asia.

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