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Cougar (Mountain Lion)

10-day hunt in the British Columbia/Kootenay region. Dec-Feb. Arrival point is Cranbrook. $7,000 6-day hunt in Arizona. Nov-Mar. Arrival point is Phoenix. $6,950

Dagestan Tur

Our exclusive area in Azerbaijan provides the best tur hunting we have ever had – and we’ve been in this region nearly 50 years.  As always, you will be accompanied by a member of our Moscow A-Team and will enjoy an 8-day schedule from arrival in Baku. This is the only place on the planet […]


Mozambique (Nhacainga-West Coutada 9)mk $18,000  12-days In Mozambique, this outfitter is most certainly one of the very best in the business with a long history of family involvement in the safari industry. Good numbers of game, high success rates, great trophy quality…you can’t go wrong here.  Hunting season is Jun-Nov. Travel, Food, Lodging and other […]


5 days in Utah. Season is Sept-Oct. Arrival point is Salt Lake City. Excellent private land hunts. $7,000-$25,500 7 days in British Columbia/Purcell in Sept-Oct. Arrival point is Cranbrook / Kalispell. $7,950 All Inclusive (draw) 5-days in Montana. Season runs Oct-Nov. Arrival point is Butte. $6,000 2×1 Mar. 15 deadline 5 days in New Mexico. […]

Elk/Deer/Bear combo

8-day hunt in British Columbia/Kootenay in Sept-Oct. Arrival point is Cranbrook / Kalispell. +$1000 trophy fee. $7,200 Some of our elk hunts take place in areas that will allow you to add other big games species. Some are available as combination hunts for up to 3 species for one set price, while others may have […]

Eurasian Brown Bear

Please call for price.

Fishing – Canada

Fish some of the most pristine waters available in Canada. Catch Northern Pike, Walleye, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Lake Trout, Muskie and Arctic Grayling. We have both fully guided and not guided trips available. Rest, relax, and recharge in beautiful Canada. (Saskatchewan)  Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling. Fully guided. 4-day/Jun-Aug $3,895 […]

Fishing – Costa Rica

Fish the waters of Costa Rica year round for Tarpon, Snook, Wahoo, Tuna, Snapper, King Mackerel, JacksCrevalle, Mojara, Guapote, and Machaca. This trip is fully guided. (Carribean)  Tarpon, Snook, Wahoo, Tuna, Snapper, King Mackerel, JacksCrevalle, Mojara,  Guapote, Machaca. Fully guided. 7-day/Year round $4,500 (Double occupancy) 4-day/Year round $3,000 (Double occupancy) 3-day/Year round $2,400 (Double occupancy)   […]

Fishing – Mexico

Go fishing in Mexico for Large Mouth Bass on Lake El Salto, a man made lake located on foot hill of Sierra Madre Mountains. Lake El Salto was built on the Elota river around 1990  and spans approximately 27,000.00 acres. Located  55 miles / 90 km north of Mazatlan. This fully guided. 4nights/3 1/2 days fishing trip […]

Fishing – USA

Alaska – (Kenai) Salmon (5 species), Halibut, Cod, Sea Bass, Trout. Fully guided. (Kenai) 5-day/4-Ngt Mid May-Sept. $3,695 4-day/3-Ngt $2,995 Alaska – Fully guided; Awesome 50″ + pike 5-day $3,995

Gobi Argali

What can we say – our Gobi ram success is phenomenal with most rams in the 46-50″ range with the occasional ram over 52″.  We have taken rams in the Gobi up to 57″ – but this is of course is not a normal occurrence.

Gobi Ibex

If you want a fantastic adventure, we invite you to experience the culture, warm hospitality and fabulous hunting in Mongolia. We have had nearly 100% success for decades with many hundreds of happy hunters. You will have the opportunity to hunt the magnificent mountains in the West Altai or the hills and draws of the […]