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Mountain Nyala

Mountain Nyala Safari

$33,600 – 15 days.

There are only a handful of safari companies offering Mountain Nyala hunting and this company is by far the most well known and respected of all. When you think of Mountain Nyala hunting, you think of this company.  Hunting for this magnificent game animal is from November through May.

Travel, Food, Lodging and other information:

City of arrival is Addis Ababa. Accommodations include modern guest houses at base camp with movable tented fly camps used for the outer reaches of the area. Meals are prepared and served by skilled kitchen staff. Fresh vegetables are grown in a camp garden for your enjoymen

Mountain Nyala license fee of $15,000; Meneliks Bushbuck $6,000, Bushpig, East African Bush Duiker, Spotted Hyena, Giant Forest Hog (in limited areas).

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