Moose – Eastern

$5,350 –  6-days

Hunt moose during the rut in Newfoundland, Canada. The rut is considered by most hunters the most successful time for hunting. Moose hunting in this area has maintained a 90% success rate over the last 26 years. You will be hunting the Eastern Canadian species which are classified by “Boone & Crockett”, “Pope and Young” and “Safari Club International” as generally being smaller in body and antler size than their Alaskan cousins, but are no less challenging to hunt. The trophy’s in this area are normally recovered from hunt area utilizing eight wheeled ATV’s. Hunting is conducted from fly-in outpost lodges and camps. It is sure to be an adventure in breathtaking county.


Many of our moose hunts take place in areas conducive to fishing and/or adding other big games species, such as caribou, bear or wolf. The above listing is a sample of the many moose hunts we offer. Contact our office for complete details on these hunts, as well as other options for the specie of your choice. Prices listed, in most cases, DO NOT include license, tag(s), tax or air charter (if applicable). All prices are based on 2016 rates and are subject to change. * Trophy fees may apply.

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This is a 6-day hunt in Sept-Oct in Newfoundland. Arrival point is Gander. You can also hunt black bear and caribou.

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