• Blanford Urial

Blanford Urial

Hunting Blanford Urial in Pakistan. We have operated in Pakistan over 20 years and believe it to be the most fascinating and diverse country of all. We offer ROYAL hunts throughout the country – regions of the world you really must experience.

The Blanford urial is a desert animal and found near Karachi. The hunting area is well managed and the region is safe and secure. Luxurious accommodations are provided.

We offer a 5-6 day schedule from arrival in Karachi. This hunt is generally combined with a Sind Ibex, which is found in the same area.

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This is a 3 day hunt. Please Call for Price. It is in the Karachi Region. Season is from Nov 1- Mar 31. Combination Blanford Urial and Sind Ibex are also available.

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