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Mideastern Brown Bear

Contact Safari Outfitters for updates on the bear hunting in Turkey. Please call for price.

Plains Game – South Africa

Sable/Plainsgame 5-days – $11,500

Pyrenean or Alpine Chamois

This is a 4-night/3-day hunt in the South Mountains of France. Season is from mid-Sept to late Feb. Arrival Point

Sitka Blacktail Deer

10. Sitka Blacktail Deer Alaska/Kodiak 7 days/Oct-Nov $6,500 1×1 Kodiak Sea Ducks, Fox ($500 charter)

Whitetail Deer

8. Whitetail Deer Alberta 6 days/Nov $6,000 Edmonton 9. Whitetail Deer Montana 5 days/Nov $4,350 Billings / Glendive Excellent Ranches