Other Game Species

In North America we can arrange hunts for all species of legally hunted big game, as well as fishing trips and upland and wetland bird species. There are too many options to list in these pages. For complete information, details and full outfitter information, please contact our offices. We look forward to working with you on your next adventure!

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Buffalo (Bison)

Montana/Gallatin for 1 day. Season is from July-Dec. Arrival point is Bozeman. $5,900 Wyoming this is a 2 day hunt in Oct-Jan Arrival point is Gillette. $4,500

Cougar (Mountain Lion)

10-day hunt in the British Columbia/Kootenay region. Dec-Feb. Arrival point is Cranbrook. $7,000 6-day hunt in Arizona. Nov-Mar. Arrival point is Phoenix. $6,950


Muskox/Caribou in Nunavut region for 4 days/Apr-Sept. Arrival point is Cambridge Bay $13,950 Caribou (fall) Muskox-barren ground in Nunavut region for 6 days/Mar-Apr. Arrival point is Umingmaktok. $9450 3. Muskox (Spring) in Nanavut 4 day hunt. $8,450


Hunt Wolf in the NWT/Nunavut region for 7 days/Mar-Apr. Arrival point is Cambridge Bay $5900 We have several options on wolf hunting in various regions. Many of our Alaska, Yukon and B.C. outfitters also offer winter wolf hunts. * Trophy fees may apply.