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Alpine Chamois

This is a 3-day hunt. Season is mid-Sept to late Feb. Check with us for current pricing and availability.

Balkan Chamois

This is a 4 day stay/ 3-day hunt near Skopje. Season is from Aug 1 – Dec 31 Best: Sept 1 – Nov 20. $5,500

Carpathian Chamois

This is a 4-day stay / 3-day hunt in Romania – arrival Bucharest. Season is Sept 15 – Nov 20 Best: Oct 10-31 $4,000

Gredos, Beceite, Southern and Ronda Ibex

Incredible hunting, friendly people, great food and superb hunting are what Spain is all about! We use THE top professional in Spain.

Kri-Kri Ibex

We offer kri-kri ibex hunts in Greece (Sapienza Island). Please contact us for complete details.


This is a 4 nights/3-day hunt in the Forested Mountains.  Arrival point is Paris. Season is from Mid-Sep to late Feb. €5,500 – 3*Hotel €6,800 – 5* Hotel Combination Hunts throughout France will be organized. Wild Boar can be taken during any hunts. Trophy fee on any size boar @ €1,000. Roedeer, and Fallow Deer hunts […]


Those who have hunted in Greenland & Iceland have all returned in awe and enchanted by the experience. A vast wilderness; a land of peaceful solitude; a landscape of infinite grandeur & magnificent hunting all sum up a visit to Greenland. (summer) This is a 6 day hunt in Western Greenland. Season is from Jun-Jul. […]

Pyrenean Chamois

This is a 3-day hunt from Madrid, Spain. Season is from Sept – Nov. Please call for price.

Scottish Red Stag

This is a  5 day hunt in the Scottish Highlands. Season is from Sept-Oct. Arrival point is Inverness. £2900 1×1 Sika Deer (included)