Tur of the World

Hunting Tur in Azerbaijan or Russia can be a challenging mountain hunting in fantastic surroundings. Let Safari Outfitters, LLC take you on that adventure.

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Dagestan Tur

Our exclusive area in Azerbaijan provides the best tur hunting we have ever had – and we’ve been in this region nearly 50 years.  As always, you will be accompanied by a member of our Moscow A-Team and will enjoy an 8-day schedule from arrival in Baku. This is the only place on the planet […]

Kuban & Mid Caucasian Tur

Hunt the famed Caucasus Mountains in Russia.  Kuban Tur is found in a relatively small area of the Caucasus Mountains – which are considered the most difficult in the world. The Kuban Tur and Mid-Caucasian Tur  hunt is less physically demanding than the Dagestan Tur, but you still must be fit as the terrain difficulty […]