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Punjab Urial

We have operated in Pakistan over 20 years and find it to be the most fascinating country in the world.  Each Province offers a new cultural experience with different customs, dress, food, music, etc. We hunt Punjab Urial from the Royal Palace near Kalabagh. Punjab permits are now auctioned by the Punjab Government annually and […]

Siberian Brown Bear

We offer Siberian brown bear in combination with our Siberian Snow Sheep hunts and with our moose and sheep hunts in the Koryak region of Russia. Although the odds of seeing a bear are remote in Siberia, the only risk is pre-purchasing a CITES Export Permit prior to arrival. In the Koryak region, you have […]

Siberian Ibex

If you want a fantastic adventure, we invite you to experience the culture, warm hospitality and fabulous hunting in Mongolia. We have had nearly 100% success for decades with many hundreds of happy hunters. You will have the opportunity to hunt the magnificent mountains in the West Altai or the hills and draws of the […]

Sindh Ibex

Hunting Sindh Ibex – From the sands of the desert to the top of K-2, Pakistan offers it all. We’ve operated in Pakistan over 20 years and believe it to be the most fascinating and diverse country of all. Our prime hunting area is near the Kirthar National Park in the protected hunting areas of […]

Snow Sheep

Siberian Snow Sheep This is one of the best values in sheep hunting today. The sheep are beautifully and distinctively marked making this a much sought after trophy. The quality and quantity of sheep is exceptional and the Yakutian crew are hard working and professional. A relatively simple itinerary is involved. You will fly to […]