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Hanghay Argali

We have taken some remarkable rams from the Hanghay Mountain region.  Our average ram has been 50″ and over and we hope to maintain that average.

Himalayan Blue Sheep in Nepal

Long isolated from the rest of the world, the kingdom of Nepal is a sportsman’s paradise.  The breathtaking Himalayas of Nepal offer some of the finest high mountain hunting in the world To the delight of international sheep hunters, hunting in Nepal resumed in 2008 after a 5-year hiatus.  We have hunted in this amazing […]

Himalayan Blue Sheep in Pakistan

The Northern Area Wildlife Department auctions a limited number of Himalayan Blue Sheep permits each year.  The prices have been very high but more competitive rates are expected. Be in good shape – this is not a hunt for woosies! Add a Himalayan ibex hunt for a great combination hunt! $23,000

Kamchatka Bighorn

Snow sheep inhabits the most remote, inhospitable, and difficult to access areas in Siberia and the Far East of Russia. This great animal is rarely hunted and opportunities to take different subspecies of snow sheep are great.

Snow sheep is also called Siberian bighorn sheep, it has a compact muscular body and relatively short legs making it well adapted to living in mountain terrain. Snow sheep is extremely agile and nimble, and able to move quickly over steep, uneven slopes. It is closely related to North American sheep. Calling it a bighorn is incorrect, since it has relatively thin horns, similar to the Dall or Stone sheep. The snow sheep population in Russia is estimated at over 60,000 heads. Sheep are usually found at 1,300 -1,700 m. (4,000 -5,000 ft.). Hunts can be frequently combined with brown bear, moose and in some places caribou. The success is nearly 100%. World record rams have been taken with Safari Outfitters.

You can hunt for the famed Koryak Sheep, Yakutia Snow Sheep, Kamchatka Bighorn, and Okhotsk snow sheep, Kolyma snow sheep.

Kamchatka Brown Bear

The Kamchatka brown bear is virtually the same bear that is found in Alaska. These salmon eating bears inhabit the coastal areas and move back and forth from the mountains to the coasts for feeding, mating and hibernation. The Kamchatka Peninsula has many rivers, lakes and streams, as well as thick forested regions that make this ideal bear habitat. Bear populations are […]

Kuban & Mid Caucasian Tur

Hunt the famed Caucasus Mountains in Russia.  Kuban Tur is found in a relatively small area of the Caucasus Mountains – which are considered the most difficult in the world. The Kuban Tur and Mid-Caucasian Tur  hunt is less physically demanding than the Dagestan Tur, but you still must be fit as the terrain difficulty […]

Marco Polo (Kyrgyzstan)

Marco Polo  – Karelini Argali – Hume Argali Hunting Marco Polo, there are thousands of sheep but they are typically smaller than those found in our hunting areas in Tajikistan – however, the prices are lower as well. A good Marco Polo in Kyrgyzstan is from 48-52” – with a few going 55-60”. Elevations are […]

Marco Polo Hunting (Tajikistan)

Hunting Maro Polo – A SHEEP HUNTER’S DREAM!  WE OPENED SPORTING HUNTING IN TAJIKISTAN IN 1987 and have dominated hunting here ever since.  We have averaged 57-½” over the past 7 years for 81 hunters – a phenomenal statistic.  The number of sheep is increasing and the quality of sheep is improving as well.  It […]


We offer the following Markhor hunts, Astor Markhor – Pakistan – A large Markhor. They are massive and spectacular, though usually not as long as those of the Kashmir markhor. The male’s ruff is long and flowing. Kashmir Markhor – Pir Panjal – A large markhor with massive horns that usually are the longest of the species. Typically, […]

Mid-Asian Ibex

  Safari Outfitters offers you some of the finest ibex hunting in the world! With hunting areas in the remote reaches of the Tien Shan and Pamir regions, we offer you the opportunity to hunt the largest of the species in the world, the Mid-Asian Ibex. In Kyrgyzstan, the size of ibex has been in […]

Persian (Bezoar) Ibex

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