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Anatolian Chamois

Please call for price.

Balkan Chamois

This is a 4 day stay/ 3-day hunt near Skopje. Season is from Aug 1 – Dec 31 Best: Sept 1 – Nov 20. $5,500

Carpathian Chamois

This is a 4-day stay / 3-day hunt in Romania – arrival Bucharest. Season is Sept 15 – Nov 20 Best: Oct 10-31 $4,000

Caucasian Chamois

Caucasian chamois is a little smaller than alpine chamois, having smooth tawny or reddish-brown summer coat, which becomes a chocolate brown in winter. The slender, black horns are found in both sexes. Rising vertically from the forehead, they are sharply curved backwards on their top third like hooks, and can reach a length of 32 […]