Hunting brown bear in Russia, Siberian brown bear, Amur brown bear, Mideastern Brown Bear and Eurasian Brown Bear in Europe are some of the hunts we offer here are Safari Outfitters, LLC

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Eurasian Brown Bear

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Kamchatka Brown Bear

The Kamchatka brown bear is virtually the same bear that is found in Alaska. These salmon eating bears inhabit the coastal areas and move back and forth from the mountains to the coasts for feeding, mating and hibernation. The Kamchatka Peninsula has many rivers, lakes and streams, as well as thick forested regions that make this ideal bear habitat. Bear populations are […]

Siberian Brown Bear

We offer Siberian brown bear in combination with our Siberian Snow Sheep hunts and with our moose and sheep hunts in the Koryak region of Russia. Although the odds of seeing a bear are remote in Siberia, the only risk is pre-purchasing a CITES Export Permit prior to arrival. In the Koryak region, you have […]