Hunting for the famed Argali of the world is our specialty. Hunt for the worlds largest species of sheep in Mongolia for the Gobi Argali, Hanghay Argali, High Altai Argali. Krygyzstan or Tajikistan for the superior Marco Polo, Karelini Argali, or Hume Argali. Our areas are the best in the country – our success on big rams is envied!

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Gobi Argali

What can we say – our Gobi ram success is phenomenal with most rams in the 46-50″ range with the occasional ram over 52″.  We have taken rams in the Gobi up to 57″ – but this is of course is not a normal occurrence.

Hanghay Argali

We have taken some remarkable rams from the Hanghay Mountain region.  Our average ram has been 50″ and over and we hope to maintain that average.

Marco Polo (Kyrgyzstan)

Marco Polo  – Karelini Argali – Hume Argali Hunting Marco Polo, there are thousands of sheep but they are typically smaller than those found in our hunting areas in Tajikistan – however, the prices are lower as well. A good Marco Polo in Kyrgyzstan is from 48-52” – with a few going 55-60”. Elevations are […]

Marco Polo Hunting (Tajikistan)

Hunting Maro Polo – A SHEEP HUNTER’S DREAM!  WE OPENED SPORTING HUNTING IN TAJIKISTAN IN 1987 and have dominated hunting here ever since.  We have averaged 57-½” over the past 7 years for 81 hunters – a phenomenal statistic.  The number of sheep is increasing and the quality of sheep is improving as well.  It […]