The quest for ivory was one of the major reasons Africa was initially explored. Contrary to what anti-hunters claim, Elephant are abundant and found throughout Southern Africa, Central Africa and East Africa. We offer hunts in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Cameroon and South Africa. Please note that Elephant cannot currently be imported into the U.S.

Zambia has some very fine Elephant in the Lower Lupande, West Petauke and Mwanya concessions with bulls taken ranging from 45lbs to 82lbs. Mid 50’s is average.

The Save, Sengwa and Tsholotsho of Zimbabwe are known as some of the better Elephant areas in Zimbabwe. You can expect ivory in the 35-45 pound range, but 55-65 pounders have been taken. You may be one of the real lucky hunters that take a tusker in the 70 + pound range.

Our outfitters in Mozambique and Cameroon are also harvesting some very good Elephant. Elephant in the forested areas of Cameroon (Bongo safaris) are Forest Elephants which are somewhat smaller then those from other areas of Africa. At times you will even see pink tinted ivory.

Elephant safaris vary from 10 to 30 days and hunts for tuskless cows or bulls in Zimbabwe are often possible. Additional game varies with the area and company, but on some Elephant safaris you can also take Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Plainsgame.

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