Buffalo & Plains Game

Cape Buffalo & Plains game safaris are without a doubt, one of the most popular hunts in Africa today. The animal known as “black death” has a certain mystique about him and in most cases the cost is not prohibitive when compared to other hunts worldwide. Our safari companies have some of the largest Cape Buffalo quota on the continent and success rates are always high.

Tanzania regularly produces 37 – 43″ Cape Buffalo in the Kizigo/Rungwa, Uyumbu and Selous with the occasional 48″ buffalo harvested. We work with some of the best outfitters in Tanzania.

Zambia is one of the two best places (other is Tanzania) to take 40″ and better Buffalo. Outstanding Buffalo in Lower Lupande, Mwanya and West Petauke concessions. Our operator here was named by the Professional Hunters of Zambia as the best producing safari company in Zambia during the last tender period.

Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa are superb locations for the popular 7-10 to 14-day Buffalo/Plains game hunt safaris because of the variety of game available and the price of the hunt.

Uganda and Benin are also great places to hunt Buffalo however in Benin you are looking at the West African Savannah Buffalo and in Uganda it is possible to hunt the Nile Buffalo and Cape Buffalo. Please see our Western Roan & Western Buffalo section and our East African Sitatunga & Nile Buffalo section for info on these safaris.

You can choose a short Buffalo/Plains game safari or in combination with a multitude of species such as Leopard, Sable or Roan. April through November is the time to hunt Buffalo, but the best months can vary by country and even by concession.

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