Bongo & Sitatunga

Cameroon is a wondrous country for those hunters seeking the ultimate safari. This safari company has four excellent areas in the north for the hunting of savanna species and two areas in the southern rain forest where the elusive bongo is the main focus. Whether hunting savanna or forest, this outfitter provides highly experienced professional hunters, skilled trackers and very competent skinners…You and your trophies will be in good hands.

Savanna hunting areas lie between Bouba Njeda and La Benoue National Parks and in the Mayo Nduell, Mayo Viamba and Rey Boula hunting areas. Forest areas lie along Congo & CAR borders and are completely isolated and remote.

Game is in great abundance in the vast rain forest but difficult to find and see due to dense vegetation. We know the bongo and other forest dwellers well and are very familiar with successful hunting techniques to take these trophies. Vigilant tracking and careful stalking is critical to success. This is why we utilize local Pygmies as they are undeniably the best pathfinders and trackers in all of Africa. They make that important difference on hunts in such difficult conditions. Some opportunity to take forest species will also occur along abandoned logging roads, at natural salt licks and forest glades. Trophies include bongo, sitatunga, forest elephant, dwarf buffalo, giant forest hog, bushpig, and 8 species of small antelope and duiker. The hunting season is March through June.

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