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We have proudly worked with this particular outfitter for many years and to date, have represented them longer than any other African outfitter we have. Not only do they hunt in Gabon but also Cameroon (Savannah & Forest), Benin and Chad plus Safari Outfitters also worked with them for superb hunts in Tanzania and C.A.R.

After much research and many trips to Gabon, they are  setting up new operations and accepting hunting clients for 2019/2020 but now in different areas bordering some famous national parks. There are good Forest Duiker and  Western Sitatunga populations and they remain confident in good hunting success.  Interest has been high and there have been some bookings for 2019/2020.  Their areas contain some harnessed bushbuck but unfortunately there are currently none on quota. 

The outfitter has personnel on the ground year round for documentation, shipping etc. and has trained their own taxidermist for proper in-country trophy care.  Of course they will only use fresh salt which is very important in warm and humid areas.

Gabon borders Cameroon on the North and Congo on the South and East. The country consists of mainly low-lying country with a warm, humid climate. Much of Gabon is still covered by tropical rainforest and there are also grasslands, savannas, large rivers and coastal lagoons. Abundant petroleum and foreign private investment have helped make Gabon one of the most prosperous countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Wildlife includes forest elephant, buffalo, various antelope and duiker, various monkey species, sitatunga, leopard, three species of croc, chimps and gorillas. Average temperature is 84 degrees.

8-day Safari - $18,000  (all species up to two each per hunter  except Sitatunga which can be done on this hunt with a $4,000 bonus fee + trophy fee)

Observer - $4,000

14-day Safari - $26,000 (all listed species & up to two each species including Sitatunga)

Observer - $5,000

Hunting season: mid-March to mid-September

Accommodation is provided depending on the hunting area in comfortable hotels or hunting camp. We highly encourage clients to  engage the services of  a professional videographer for this adventure. We know and can personally  recommend a very good one.

Western Sitatunga Trophy Fee -  6,000 euros

Yellow-backed Duiker Trophy Fee -   3,500 euros

(Please contact Safari Outfitters for a full trophy fee list).

Species available for hunting:  Western Sitatunga - Red River Hog - Yellow-backed Duiker - Gabon(White-bellied Duiker) - Black-fronted Duiker - Blue Duiker - Peter's Duiker - Bay Duiker - Bates Pygmy Duiker.

Please contact Safari Outfitters for further details, available dates and bookings regarding this hunt in Gabon.


Cameroon Rainforest Exploratory Safari
13 hunting days for Bongo, Forest Sitatunga & Various Forest Duiker

Designed by our best outfitter in Cameroon and  Safari Outfitters, this is a superb African safari in the wilds of the Cameroon rainforest intended for those who crave adventure.  Game in the forest are Bongo, Forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog (the population of Giant Forest Hog is not high however clients may have an opportunity to find some in these remote areas) and various Forest Duiker species. This safari can be upgraded for additional days if desired but that would need to be done in advance.  Please note that this is the very same operator we offer for our hunts in Gabon.

Clients will be guided by well-known and highly experienced Professional Hunters who have hunted the forests for many years. Trackers, dogs, skinners & porters will accompany the safari. We highly encourage clients to  engage the services of  a professional videographer for this adventure. We know and can personally  recommend a very good one.

The safari will go out for 3 to 5 days or even longer, exploring more remote locations where they do not normally go to hunt as these places are too far from roads for the average hunter.  There is a chance for very fine trophies and rare species such as Giant Forest Hog and certain Duikers like the Black-fronted Duiker. The safari  will be comprised of fly camping and hunting in an area for a few days and then return to the main camp for 1 or 2 days. Here at the main camp clients will continue to hunt but also get some rest and then go back out to another remote area for more exploring,  fly camping and hunting.  There is no set schedule and so you and your PH can pick and choose where and how long you want to stay and hunt in one of these areas.  Professional hunters will prepare in advance the circuit where they will be hunting with clients as they will need to organize this hunt in advance.

The PH and client will decide on the area in which they would like to explore and then will be dropped along a road and  take off on foot to look for fresh Bongo tracks and as soon as they find some they will use the dogs. If they find fresh tracks they will go after him and will leave the camp staff to set up the camp and prepare everything. If they do not locate fresh tracks,  a few hours before sunset they will find a nice location to camp. Once the fly camping  spot has been decided on,  they will go hunting for duikers and leave the camp staff to prepare everything. The next morning after camp is dismantled, they will continue looking for fresh tracks. This will be the general routine for a few days  and then head out for a road to be picked up and drive back to the main camp. The walking safari won’t go that far, perhaps 20/25km from the road.  In these areas there are very few roads with no woodcutters which means that the areas you will explore are completely wild.

Very important.....This safari is only for those who are in good health and physical condition and willing to walk distances in thick forest while staying at small fly camps in more remote rain forest locations for a number of days at a time. Rain at night is common and humidity can be high during the daytime heat. The forest will pull at your clothes and insects will pester you but this is a REAL African experience. Clients will have a chance to explore  and hunt mostly or completely un-hunted areas off the beaten incredible once in a lifetime adventure!

Best time is May through July. Clients will arrive in Yaoundé, Cameroon where staff will meet you at the airport,  assist  with customs and then take you to a nice hotel for an overnight. NO expensive air charters required. The next morning you will travel approximately 7 hours in a comfortable vehicle to the hunting camp which is  Northeast of Yaoundé.

Accommodations in the main camp are comfortable bungalows with on-suite facilities. Fly camps consist of 2 small tents (one for the client and one for the PH), flysheet for the fire &  kitchen with food, cooking material, buckets, 1 table, chairs, etc. It will be basic, but this is part of the adventure.

The walking safari will consist of  the client with his PH and between 8 to 10 staff plus dogs. The camp staff will consist of 4/5 people to set-up, cook, watch over, etc. Four to five trackers will accompany the client and PH.  

You will need Malaria meds plus an up to date Yellow Fever certificate is required.

13-day Exploratory Cameroon Rainforest Safari - Base Price Daily Rates - $38,000 

(Please Note: 13 days is the absolute minimum for these hunts and if you can do more, even better).

Bongo Trophy Fee - 3,900 euros

(Please contact Safaris Outfitters for a full trophy fee list).

While this hunt is focused on taking a large Bongo, other game are available on license such as Red River Hog - Blue Duiker - Peters Duiker - Black-fronted Duiker - Bay Duiker. Other game on license is possible if quotas allow  and found while hunting Bongo such as Forest Sitatunga, Giant Forest Hog (somewhat rare but here) and Dwarf Forest Buffalo.




Few hunters visit the country of Chad these days, but for those who are trying to finish up the last few animals of their African collections, this country is a must-do.

The two most desired animals in Chad are the Western Greater Kudu and Red-fronted Gazelle. Of all the greater kudu species, the Western is hunted less than any other and is also the smallest bodied, smallest horned and lightest colored of all. A number of years ago, one of our clients shot the #1 SCI Western Greater Kudu with this same outfit. 

The Mefi area is home to a good density of the Western Greater Kudu and Red-fronted gazelle plus there are some more  common species available such as Western Roan, Lelwel Hartebeest, Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck and others. Success is very high. 

The hunting area and camp is about a seven hour drive from N'djamena in the Guera region, which is in the south-central part of the country. Mefi is a beautiful area of approximately 370,000 acres.  Accommodation in both camps is in comfortable bungalows with on-suite facilities. 

Hunting Season: January to end of April

10 hunting days Western Greater Kudu & Red-fronted Gazelle Safari - $39,000

Observer - $4,000

On the 10-day safari, each hunter can take Western Kudu - Red-fronted Gazelle - Western Bush Duiker - Oribi - Warthog - Civet or Genet - Golden Jackal or Side-striped Jackal - Rock Hyrax - Egyptian Mongoose - Patas Monkey & Vervet Monkey.  Other game such as Western Roan, Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck and Lelwel Hartebeest will be on request and allowed based on the number of licenses available. Please contact Safari Outfitters for more info on these three animals if desired. 

Western Greater Kudu Trophy Fee - 8,500 euros

Red-fronted Gazelle Trophy Fee - 2,500 euros.


Please fill out the form below and contact Safari Outfitters for a full trophy fee list, further details and bookings regarding our Chad safari. 

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