Since Safari Outfitters coordinates hunts in many very remote regions of the world, we are often asked this. IF it is NOT safe we will not send you….simple as that. We would never send you to a destination that we ourselves would not go and your safety is paramount. You can’t re-book your future hunt if you are dead. In 66 years of arranging hunts and exploring new parts of the world, we have never lost a hunter yet!

Hunting is just that…hunting. But if you work with a proven and honest agent and/or outfitter, you will increase your odds of coming home with the desired game. Being in good physical shape and
having the ability to shoot will is a big help too. Success rates vary from year to year, but many of our hunts have been 100% for many years running (Marco Polo, Dagestan Tur, Snow Sheep).

Kind of a loaded question and is highly dependent on where you are hunting. In Africa, yes, you will generally see a great abundance and variety of game. Hunting mule deer in the high mountains
during early season, you may only see a few deer. We strive to work with the best outfits/PH’s in the best areas. Your success is our success and we want you to have a good experience. If you are not in good shape and not able to walk/hike into the hunting area, then you are limiting what you will see.

In some cases yes. In most cases NO. Some hunting destinations are great places to combine hunting and touring (Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, UK, most parts of Europe). But most hunting locations are remote, without amenities and to be blunt, non-hunters are simply in the way in some areas. There is often nothing for them to do, they take up space in vehicles and in general would be better advised to stay home.

To come to an exact total canbe difficult, as there are tips, personal items and such that are nearly
impossible to come to an exact number on. While you may be looking at a hunt priced at $10,000…the total at the end of everything may be closer to $13,000 or more depending on flight costs, hotels/meals along the way, tips, shipping of trophies, etc. We do our best to fully disclose as many of the “unknowns” as possible so you have a better feel of what will be coming out of your pocket on the front side.

Yes. In nearly all hunting destinations you CAN take your own gun, however in recent years, more and more hunters are simply borrowing or renting guns at their destination. To drag a gun around the world to shoot a single animal, in some cases is more hassle than it’s worth. But in some locations, such as Russia, you want to have your own gun and not rely on some relic or AK-47 that is capable of shooting around corners. Most locations in Africa, North America, South Pacific, Europe and Argentina will have top quality guns and optics available for you to use or rent. It’s always nice to shoot your own and of course we will do all we can to help you do that. But sometimes it is just easier to leave it at home.

Many hunters choose an outfitter based on the 3rd hand experiences of a friend or information given directly by the guide/outfitter. While this information is valuable, and should play into the final decision, it may not be enough to guarantee a quality experience. Outfitters are always going to tell you what you want to hear and send you references that will stack the odds in their favor. *We will give you access to those references upon request.

As a booking agency, our hunting consultants have a number of hunts to choose from and can match your needs to the outfitter, consulting with you along the way. A good consultant wants you to continue to book future hunting trips, so they will present you with many options to choose from. They are also able to track an outfitters performance over a period of time with a number of different clients. A guide is also less likely to compromise an agency’s client because a good consultant represents a significant amount of business to them, so there is an added value of safety in booking through an established booking agency.